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‘Just because’

My son and daughter are both still at the ‘Why?’ age. However they recently gave me a taste of my own medicine. When asked why they were pretending to be hamsters in the imaginary game they were playing the 3-year-old answered, ‘Oh, just because!”

This made me wonder if I am killing their inner philosopher… and think about the general absurdity of some of the things I say to stop the incessant questions.

Because I told you not to.
Because it was your turn yesterday.
Because you need to learn to share.
Because your mother said so.
Because she knows best.
Because you can’t always get your way.
Because we’re not made out of money.
Because money doesn’t grow on trees.
Because you can’t have everything.


Daily quotes, sayings and proverbs from twitter

Give yourself a daily shot of someone’s wisdom by following one of these twitter feeds: – Literally a feed of lines from The Book of Proverbs in the old testament. –  wide range of regular quotes and sayings – daily quotes from long running – daily generally philosophical quotations – Motivational and famous quotes – famous quotes from – parental wisdom which is sometimes cruel and often rude

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Clumbsy cliches: Don’t feed the hand that bites

Build it and they will NOT come

…Promote it and they might.

Make them look good in front of their friends and word will soon get around.

We all walk through life backwards

We all stand in the here and now, facing our past, seeing in detail recent events and we can strain to see further off the shapes of distant memories.

We stumble backwards, blind to future, only able to judge what is coming up based on the experience laid before us.

A new obstacle is a surprise and we stumble, but once past we can see it clearly and will be more ready for it next time.

Until at last we stop looking at our past and turn to face the unknown.

The first rule of creativity

There is no such thing as a bad idea‘ is sometimes touted as the first rule of being creative. I guess I’m in agreement with this, in that I’ve always found being creative very easy. I was taught in Art College not to be too precious about ideas and I will happily pile them high and sell them cheap.

However, you have to recognise that the real creative challenge is not coming up with ideas, it is spotting which ones will work. It is easy to back a horse, but picking a winner is much more difficult.

If something can be taken the wrong way, it will be taken the wrong way

Unfortunately the message is not what is meant – it is what is understood – and as per Murphy’s law it can often go so wrong.

This can be a challenge for religious groups whose thoughts may be cleaner than those of the people they are trying to convert. But when they err into innuendo, you have to wonder whether it is on purpose or not?

Which of these are ironic, which accident, oh, and which one is a fake?