Heteropalindromes cryptic quiz

A quick cryptic quiz in which the answers are all a pair of heteropalindromes (i.e. an answer might be something like ‘spool loops’ or ‘devil lived’)

  1. canine deity (3)?
  2. not a diet food and anixous about it (8)?
  3. to consume hot beverage the wrong way (3)?
  4. ‘The…’ logical prequel to Sam Raimi classic horror film (4)?
  5. rough youth who feminist might say is ‘chromasonally challenged’ (3)?
  6. primordial fertility deity chaffed by too much sex (4)?
  7. queen’s amber nectar (5)?
  8. eager prima donna (4)?
  9. too proud of what’s behind our stiff-upper-lip (4)?

Answers are here


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