Wrongful Language: Misnomer

While fixing my laptop, which was overheating, I discovered the problem was that I was using it on top of my lap. It seems that Compaq laptops are not meant for this purpose, to quote the user manual:

‘To reduce the possibility of heat-related injuries or of overheating the computer, do not place the computer directly on your lap’

So in the case of Compaq, ‘laptop’ is a misnomer, like peanut (which is a bean not a nut) or guinea pig (neither from Guinea nor a type of pig).

This reminded me of some old lyrics I wrote in the early nineties, which use a play on the word ‘miss’ similar to that used by a number of female R&B artists for their stage name:

She likes to think that she’s just a loner,

but I like to call her my little Miss Nomer,

hiding behind that loner persona,

I hope she’s had enough,

and life is getting tough,

I’m hoping that she’s coming around.

She is the one who will go down in history,

the only one to stay a bit of a mystery,

and I am hoping that perhaps she will miss me,

I’m hoping it’s getting rough,

that she’s had enough,

I’m hoping that she’s coming around.


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