Modern Proverbs: twitter

An article in yesterday’s Telegraph blamed twitter and other social networks for killing off  the use of traditional sayings and phrases. However twitter is also a good source of new phrases and  modern equivalents for old proverbs. For instance:

  • All that Twitters is not gold.
  • History re-Tweets itself
  • To tweet or not to tweet? That is the question.
  • Don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t want your mother to read.
  • What doesn’t kill you, makes  a good tweet.
  • Think much, say little, tweet less.
  • A friend in the hand is worth two hundred on twitter
  • A tweet in time saves nine.

While some may argue that twitter itself is the antithesis of the wise words of our fore fathers, exaggerating as it does our terminally short attention spans, it is but a medium and doesn’t dictate the messages it carries.

Given that it focuses the writer on brevity, you could rather see it as distilling wisdom; just as the first testement book of Proverbs does, with each proverb less than the 140 characters offered by twitter (see And of course there is a whole new twitter vocabulary being created, supporting the ongoing evolution of our democratic language (pity we need for translations).


2 responses to “Modern Proverbs: twitter

  1. You must not forget, I tweet, therefore, I am!

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