Love is…

Love is missing,
missing the kissing,
hating the waiting,
continually stating,
with love I’m not poor,
with you I can roar.

Love is ideal,
an ideal I can feel,
feel the appeal,
conceal then reveal,
with love I’m found out,
with you there’s no doubt.

Love is needing,
leading to breeding,
from staring to pairing,
consuming and caring,
with love I am more,
with you, we are four.

Love is selfless,
selfishly helpless,
make like a rabbit,
friendship and habit,
with love I’m all heart,
with you I’ll not part.

(…for aitch)


10 responses to “Love is…

  1. Love is a feeling of strong attachment induced by that which delights or commands admiration; preeminent kindness or devotion to another; affection; tenderness; as, the love of brothers and siste

  2. this is beautiful

  3. i so love your poem. 🙂

  4. this would make a very sweet short song

    • Thank all for the nice comments. And The Longest Movie I’ll follow your suggestion and try to write a tune for it.

  5. I love this!!(: <3333

  6. Finally a superb article about the subject, keep up the great work and thus I hope to examine more within you in the long run.

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