Give me wisdom, not wrinkles

Age and wisdom are seen as inextricably linked. For instance, we might describe someone as ‘wise before his years’, implying that years are the usual source of wisdom.

This makes sense: as our brains slow with age, we learn through experience, immitation and reflection, other ways of thinking, allowing us to continue to compete with younger, faster minds.

But today’s ‘cult of youth’ puts being beautiful and carefree before learning and experience. An increasing proportion of the population don’t  want to learn from their mistakes, they want to laugh at them (and post the photos on Facebook). The only reflection that interests them is in a mirror.

Perhaps trying to stay younger for longer will just mean they get stupider as their brains slow. While us wrinklies get wiser.

And what is the problem with wrinkles anyway: this video says it all: Memories on My Face


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