“Quickest way to make your dream come true…

…is to find someone who needs it more than you and give it to them.”

Ashton Kutcher tweeted something along these lines yesterday linking to the video he helped organise for Feeding America. Loved the statement’s twist: from self-centred to selfless in a line, but I couldn’t track down the source.

Reminds me of a quote by French polymath Paul Valery:

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

And another self-help version I’ve seen (and can’t for the life of me find again) which goes something like:

“The quickest way to make your dream happen is to talk about it as if its already happened.”

I’ve met people who can do this – they just keep telling people how (in their version of reality) things are going to be, until other people just accept it. I once watched one manager tell everyone he met for weeks the problems with a project and how the funding was going to move to his team. And in the end all dissenters rolled over and he got the project – not by logical argument but by his sheer belief in the ‘facts’ becoming transfered to others.

That said, if for instance your dream was to own a dog and you went around telling everyone you owned one, well you would just be plain weird.

For its pure altruism, I think Ashton’s quote wins hands down.


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